TheCure - Philanthropy, Memes, P2E Gaming, NFTs

TheCure ($THEC) - TheCure is a token with a charitable cause that will help make the world a better place, with Charity, P2E Gaming And NFTs.

TheCure is a community-driven project born with a focus on making the world a better place with charitability, as well as P2E Gaming and NFTs, while rewarding and creating opportunities for our holders with great incentives such as reflections, giveaways and burn events, further maximizing the value of TheCure as well as the returns to our holders.

TheCure also has visions and plans for integration into the P2E Gaming, NFT and Metaverse industries of the digital sector.

At it's current stage, it is a multi-purpose token, with future utility in P2E Gaming and NFTs.
We are currently in the process of writing our Game Design Document (GGD).

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How To Buy (Pancakeswap)


Go to PancakeSwap

Go to the official PancakeSwap website (


Connect your wallet

Connect your PancakeSwap compatible wallet such a TrustWallet or Metamask.


Input $THEC token contract

Be sure to input only the offical $THEC contract which can be found on this page.


Exchange for BNB

Set slippage to 12% and input the amount of BNB you'd like to swap for $THEC and click "Swap".

Hold and get rewarded!

About TheCure

goals & milestone

About TheCure

Once again, TheCure is a community-driven deflationary project mainly focusing on charitable efforts, a strong community and maximizing returns to our holders with reflections and burns. Our main goal is to make the world a better place, while growing TheCure community into a thriving ecosystem, with integrations into fields such as P2E Gaming, NFTs and the Metaverse. These industries are the future, and they are TheCure's future as well. We're in it for the long haul, as longetivity is one of our many goals.

Charity is one of our main pillars as well. We have a dedicated charity wallet who's purpose is to donate to and fund a wide variety of charities such as Cancer research, donating to children in need, animal shelters, anxiety and depression support groups and so on. We'd also like to help fund other small projects with a good cause.

TheCure values trust, honesty, as well transparency within our community, and will be actively announcing updates, changes and news on our Social Media platforms as often as possible. Join our socials found in the Community section.



TheCure is a auto-burn deflationary token in two ways; we've imposed a burn fee on every transaction made, as well as have reflections going to every holding wallet including the burn wallet, further reducing the total amount of tokens available and increasing the total amount of tokens being burned as well as increasing value.

A percentage of each transaction is also automatically added to the Liquidity Pool.

Rewarding our holders - A percentage of every transaction made is automatically distributed to our holders addresses with reflections, to incentivize holding TheCure long term, and reward our holders. As the project grows, so will the reflection rate. The amount of THEC you own will grow simply by holding.





Total Supply


Auto-burn 🔥

- 1% burn fee on each transaction
- Reflections to burn wallet


2% of every transactions is distributed to holders

LP Reflection

1% of each transaction is added to the Liquidity Pool.

Total Burn


Market Cap



Our Roadmap


TheCure Birth (Q3 2022)

  • Birth of $THEC
  • Website Launch
  • Whitepaper
  • Telegram & Twitter
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Coin tracker listings - (CG CMC)
  • Holder Redistributions
  • Stage one of Marketing


TheCure Growth (Q4 2022 - Q1 2023)

  • Charity Donations commence
  • Youtube Channel
  • Partnerships
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Global Marketing
  • Certik Audit
  • CEX Listings
  • Burn Events
  • TheCure DEX
  • Giveaways


TheCureVerse (TBA)

  • Billboards
  • TheCure Payments
  • TheCure P2E game showcase
  • TheCure NFTs
  • TheCure Merch
  • TheCure Metaverse / TheCureVerse ideas for integration


Growth Achievements

  • 1000 Telegram members
  • 1000 Twitter followers
  • 1000 Holders
  • 5000 Telegram members
  • 5000 Twitter followers
  • 5000 Holders


Much more to come

We will actively be looking for ways to innovate and improve TheCure. Listening to ideas and suggestions from TheCure holders and our community is one of the many ways we will continue to grow.

This roadmap is subject to change as our ideas and visions grow, for the better.



We are reserving this spot for any achievements to come.

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